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This event is no longer on sale.

Friday March 20

10:00 AM  –  5:00 PM

Homeschool Field Experience Day (3rd Friday of Every month)

Admission Time:    General Operating Hours (10:00a.m.-5:00p.m.)

Specifically for:    Preschoolers (4-5 years), Kindergarteners (5-6 years), School Ages (6+ years); Grown-ups

Once a month we offer Homeschool students unlimited access to our interactive exhibits offering learning through fun experiences. A field experience to Pretend City offers your students a learning experience through hands-on educational play. The Pretend City environment allows you to create a plethora of curriculum and activities to surround your students with challenging problems and absorbing questions. 

Play Partner:  Pretendgineers and Brain Builders, our experienced stage staff of trained early childhood and child development educators, grown-ups

Grown-up Tip: Get the most out of your Pretend City visit! Build a network of families to plan your visit to provide support and accountability. Focus on a few content areas for your visit, but allow flexibility when your students have interest in a new concept. Watch and learn from your students and adapt as necessary.

RSVP:    Required by the Wednesday prior to each event

*When you come to Pretend City on the Homeschool Day, please present your Homeschool Day ticket and Homeschool ID card (or district letter, private school affidavit, etc) to the Front Desk.

Fee: $9.00 per students; $9.00 per adult